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Biggest “on mountain” guest survey in the Alpine region. 

Last winter season, 17/18, the most significant study of the Alps, in terms of customer research, has been conducted for the 5th time after 2010, 2012, 2014, and 2016. Around 46.000 winter athletes have been interviewed, directly on spot, in 55 ski areas.  

The focus was put on the most important criteria when choosing a destination, as well as guest satisfaction in 21 categories. Further, the value-for-money ratio, loyalty, the net promoter score (NPS), usage of various infrastructures, etc. were also researched. The survey has not been subject to bigger changes since 2012 which allows a comparison over a longer period of time. (Trend Analysis)

Since 2012, the study has been supervised by Prof. Dr. Kurt Matzler (University of Innsbruck / Bolzano) and has also generated resonance in the field of scientific research. It provided the database for scientific evaluations and publications in leading international scientific journals of the tourism industry.

The next survey will be conducted in the winter season 19/20. The results will be available from November 2020, selected content already from July 2020.

More information about the study, the Best Ski Resort Awards, and our Ski Resort Finder can be found at

- Realization in 55 TOP ski resorts in the Alps AT | CH | DE | FR | IT

- The survey is conducted by trained mountain management personnel using questionnaires directly in the different resorts

- 800-1000 guests rate on 4 dates in up to 7 languages per area

- Mountain Management Consulting acts independently. The study is conducted independently from the purchase.

- Best Ski Resorts Awards for overall- and category winners

- This study is  being conducted in cooperation with the University of Innsbruck.

Currently, there are interviews being conducted in 55 selected ski areas (A/D/CH/I/F) in the Alps. In the future, we can include up to 4 new regions – max. 2 per country – per study. The admission criteria are: a certain size/ prominence/ regional significance, and the achievement of the average customer satisfaction score. For the participation in our 2020 study, the score is 8.05.

Should more participants achieve these criteria, those with the highest satisfaction scores will be chosen. If a new ski destination applies, the survey to calculate the current average customer satisfaction score will take place in the season before the main survey. For Best Ski Resort 2020 in the season 18/ 19, for Best Ski Resort 2022 in the season 20/ 21, etc.

The total number of ski destinations represented is always 55. Therefore, the inclusion of new destinations automatically leads to the exclusion of those destinations with the lowest satisfaction score. However, they can apply again for the next study, according to the policies.

Should you have any questions, or should you be interested in participating in our study, please do not hesitate to contact us for an appointment. 

The Best Ski Resort Awards have established themselves as a special award within our industry. Since 2012, the ski areas with the highest guest satisfaction ratings are being awarded in a festive setting. Next to awards for the top ranked resorts in the overall ranking we also honour outstanding achievements in a total of 20 categories.

You can find more information about the awards here

Available reports and evaluations

More than 70% of Best Ski Resorts are already working with this reports successfully

Trend Analysis 

Self-image of the guests 


Premium Report 

- Around 70 pages as PDF / A4 print
- Guest structure (age, gender, nation, length of stay, etc.)
- Decision criteria for destination selection
- Satisfaction in 21 categories
- Price-performance ratio
- Recommendation (Net Promoter Score)
- Guest loyalty
- Utilization (fun park, ski school , rent & service, etc.)
- Special questions about new trends
- NEU from 2020 Guest Loyalty Index  - more information
- NEU from  2020 Occupany Rate- more information
- Overall evaluation, as well as analysis of different target groups (regulars, families, first-time visitors, etc.)


Trend analysis 

- Around 32 pages PDF / A4 print
- Development over time 2012 -2018
- Selection criteria for destination selection | Guest satisfaction
- Recomendation (Net Promoter Score) | Guest loyalty
- Overall evaluation, as well as analysis of different target groups (regulars, families, first-time visitors, etc.)
- trend analyses over 5 periods available from 2020


Performance Monitor

- Around 80 pages in PDF / A3 Print
- Positioning compared to the top competitors in 20 criteria (Importance-performance analysis)
- Identification of differentiation potential and unique selling points
- Overall evaluation, as well as analysis of different target groups (regulars, families, first-time visitors, etc.)


Self-image of the guests

- Around 30 pages PDF / A4 Print
- Emotionality and expectations of the guests
- Overall evaluation, as well as analysis of different target groups (regulars, families, first-time visitors, etc.)

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