Mountain Developer

With system to success! Order-specific customer research in the age of digitization.

With the Mountain Developer, you receive the feedback of your guests in real time. With this tool, we support all forms of surveys and with benchmarks, we create a comparison to the best in the industry. More than 50% of the best ski resorts, as well as destination management offices, ski schools, sports shops, and restaurants, are already using this tool successfully. Especially the use of the module brand image supports the brand development process of many well-known areas throughout the Alps. 

According to your needs the contents of the survey are individually put together. For data collection, we use three different survey methods: on mountain (printed questionnaire), online, and mobile. The channels are adapted to your CI/ CD and can be combined according to your wishes.

The innovative structure of our online channels maximizes the user experience. This increases the significance of the data collected for your strategic questions. Further, you benefit from interactive content for your digital marketing channels like Facebook, Instagram, newsletters, etc. The Mountain Developer can also be integrated into your existing apps without complex modifications. It is optimized for all devices and is constantly being adapted to new standards. All collected data is available in real time in the dashboard.

Application Areas

Like the modules of the Mountain Developer, its applications are extremely versatile. After many years of service, we can look back on numerous successful projects in the areas below.

Mountain railway

Tourist board

Ski school

Sports shop/rental


Survey Methods

All channels are adapted to your CI and can be combined according to your wishes.


On Mountain

- Highest informative value of the collected data through face to face surveys in the area
- Manual evaluation of the questionnaires
- Presentation of the data after input in the dashboard 



- Optimized for all devices (desktop, tablet, mobile)
- Easy integration in different channels with different links 
- Tracking of the individual marketing channels 
- Presentation of the data in real time inside the dashboard 



- Easy integration into apps
- Additional contact point with your guests
- Presentation of the data in real time in the dashboard
- In addition, guests can upload pictures via the app during the survey 

Conversion?- When using multiple channels, we track the conversion rate of different channels such as Facebook, Instagram, newsletters, etc.


Depending on your initial situation, we will create your individual Mountain Developer.


Individual questions

(Net Promoter Score)


Brand image

Level of usage and awareness of touch points/services

Decision criteria

New Product Development
(Kano Model)

Price potentials
(conjoint analysis)

Ideas and suggestions
for improvement

Online Dashboard

All results are visible in real time in the online dashboard. The best and average scores enable benchmarking and an orientation on the best within the industry. Filter options allow extensive analyses. 

It would be our pleasure to have a personal, nonbinding conversation to answer your questions and provide an individual offer.

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