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With 25 years of experience in gathering, processing, and interpreting of guest data, we are among the experts in the field of customer research in the entire Alpine region. 

With the introduction of the study "Best Ski Resort" in the year 2010 and the follow-up studies 2012 | 2014 | 2016 | 2018, we can access a broad data pool, generated by interviewing over 200.000 guests. Additional studies covering the subjects "65+", "Youth and Winter Sports", etc., extend our database.  The analysis of this information allows us to recognize trends and to come up with specific action recommendations. 

Besides our periodically conducted studies, “Best Ski Resort” and the from 2019 onwards new study, “Best Summer Resort of the Alps”, we have developed further tools for data acquisition and analysis. These have been integrated into our customer research tool, the Mountain Developer. 

In the future, we want to actively support your development by using our products. We are especially looking forward to the fact that already from 2020 onwards, it will be possible to conduct a trend analysis over 5 periods. 

It would be our pleasure to present you our portfolio and to discuss the various products in more detail in a personal meeting. 


It would be our pleasure to have a personal, nonbinding conversation to answer your questions and provide an individual offer.

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